All orders are accepted subject to our standard Terms & Conditions and all sales are final. Twine & Co. reserves the right to refuse an order. Twine & Co. reserves the right to make modifications to prices, products and/or product components without prior notice.

The “Twine”, “Twine & Co.”, “Twine and Company”, “Twine Brand” and “Twine Paper Fragrance” names and marks are exclusive property of Twine & Co. All uses of the marks shall inure to the benefit of Twine & Co. You shall immediately cease all uses of the marks upon request.


• First orders are shipped by COD, pay pal, credit card (Visa, MC, Amex) or prepay by company check only. You may apply for Net 30 Terms by filling out our Credit Application Agreement. Credit Card or prepaid orders are considered priority over Net 30 orders.

• Credit card orders must have the account number, pin number, the account name on the card, along with the billing and shipping address’ (for credit card verification) and expiration date. Credit card orders are billed at the time of shipment. All Credit Card orders are considered a ‘Hold for Confirmation’ until a credit card number is received by customer or representative.

• If granted Terms, open account Terms are Net 30 days only. THE PRIVILEGE OF NET 30 terms is offered to customers who have submitted satisfactory credit references for second and subsequent orders. Net 30, according to our interpretation, means payment is due, in our office, 30 days from the date of invoice.

• Continuation of your credit will be contingent upon your ability to keep your account current. Should your account become delinquent at any time, Twine & Co. reserves the right to change or withdraw your credit terms and/or suspend shipments to you until your account is made current or all balances are paid in full. Credit terms may be subject to change without prior notice.

• Customers with terms are required to pay their outstanding balances by the invoice due date or risk having their terms revoked. Any past due balance will be charged an annual finance charge of 18%.

• Copies of applicable resale certificates (resale tax identification certificate) shall be provided with this application. Accounts that fail to provide such certificates shall be charged the appropriate state sales tax.

• Any account submitting a NSF check may have their open orders canceled without notification and terms will be immediately change to Credit Card Status. A bank transaction fee of $35.00 will be charged to each check returned unpaid from bank.

• Twine & Co. shall not accept any Charge Backs or Handling Charges whatsoever.

• If an account is beyond terms, all outstanding back-orders may be canceled and any offers to buy (orders) received by Twine & Co. may not be accepted until the account is made current.

• When an account is terminated all outstanding back-orders shall be canceled immediately, and offers to buy (orders) which were received by Twine may not be accepted.

• In the event any collection proceeding or legal action become necessary, the applicant both as individual and as a business agrees to pay all cost and fees associated with such actions, including reasonable attorney fees. If an account is submitted for outside collection, no further orders will be accepted by Twine & Co. until the claim is satisfied. In the event the claim is satisfied and orders are accepted by Twine & Co., the terms will be Credit Card upon shipping.


• We ship your products as soon as they become available and this may result in multiple shipments.

• We ship all orders UPS Ground Service from our warehouse in Tuscumbia, Alabama.

• Any damages due to shipping must be reported to carrier within 5 days and please save all shipping materials, and take clear digital photos as evidence.

• All claims must be made within 5 days of receipt of goods or such delivery shall be deemed as an acceptance of Twine & Co. modification to the accounts original order. If there is defective merchandise, please save item, take digital images and report to Twine & Co. within 5 days or Twine & Co. absolves itself of any liability.

• No merchandise ordered by account can be returned, unless an error was made by Twine & Co. or a Sales Representative.

• Refusal of a shipment will incur a 25% restocking fee plus all shipping charges.


Every effort is made to ship orders quickly and completely, but occasionally an item must be back-ordered. As soon as such items become available, we will ship without notice. If you have any instructions regarding back-orders, please indicate these instructions when the order is placed.

International Orders:

We accept bank Wire Transfer only, a 50% deposit is required before the order can be released for packing and shipping. The  full balance is due upon shipment. International accounts are responsible for organizing with their Freight Forwarders, etc. Minimum Order for International: $1500.

Pro forma Orders: Pro forma orders are not accepted.